Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Good Afternoon Mr Sunshine, let's make some edible delights!

The day I have been waiting for finally arrived...the cold winter sun shone on my tiny, suntrap postage stamp garden :)
And I was ready! Well, actually I was far from ready...

But alas I managed to get the fence, shed and gate revanished (using some very old and dodgy coloured vanish from the shed, eco might be slightly dodgy but thrifty? definately!) Job done, huge tick to me.

Secondly I managed to empty all the old plant pots, destined for the scrap heap but with a little TLC appear to be fit for another decade or so. Incidentally, I have decided never to purchase another new plant pot. There are so many abandoned ones to be found, not to mention the hoards of them in every carboot sale and charity shop. I will make it my mission to rescue as many as I can use.

A quick trip around Wilkinsons proved rather fruitful, excuse the pun, as the small (an essential for my garden) perspex style greenhouses were all half price. I really want to become self sufficient eventually and I definately need to start somewhere. I need to learn and make those critical mistakes, feel the joy of producing my first fruit and veg, I really am so excited about it! If you had told me six months ago I would be considering stepping into insect world, rifling through compost and relishing the site of new sprouting plants I would have presumed you liked your drinks strong! I did have to leave it there though as part of my new pledge to myself is to consider all purchases before making them. That and I know due to the area we are located in the dreaded RAT is a problem. I do not wish to grow tomatoes for them to have a healthy salad lunch! I have now managed to get this fear in check thanks to an hours research, the links for which I cannot find at the moment but will find and link in here. The general consensus being, live and let live, whilst they do carry diseases they do also get alot of 'bad press' and are in many respects no more dangerous than other rodents. So consider me told, still don';t know if I can brave the greenhouse but I will say I now appreciate that each little creature on this earth has its part to play.

I did manage to get around to planting my sprouting garlic and shallots yesterday. I am beginning to think my approach to gardening is much the same as cooking, don't bother with the instructions just try it and see (as I am sure you can imagine this leads to quite a few 'interesting' meals but in fairness some genius creations too!)
If I have any luck with thhe garlic and shallots I shall post pics :) Essentially I just took a medium sized pot for each, planted a shallot/clove with sprouting part facing upwards about an inch under the soil. I watered them and put them out in the day and they are cosying up in the kitchen at night time. Wish me luck!

I have this vision of a beatiful little med style garden, all terracotta, glazed pots and shrubbery, vine tomatoes growing bright and strong in the sunshine.....We will see. As always these days I am taking pleasure in the little things, this is a fun, free, healthy, educational and great bonding experience for the family and I loved watching little one with her wellies on sweeping the compost away and ordering Dad to 'put the pretty plant by the gate so I can see it' Oh The Good Life....

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