Friday, 4 March 2011

A much needed lick of paint = A new lease of life!

This isn't really one of those 'projects' I can detail the steps on. Unless you want 1, Take a slightly/very worn set of metal garden furniture. 2, Find DIY shop with 50% off everything including sale bin. 3, Find suitable outdoor metal paint for grand price of £1. 4, Spend cold but sunny afternoon in the garden painting old said furniture. Simple! I want to take some nice pictures with it all set up with the little centre piece pot but to be honest it got too cold and I got too hungry. It is top of my to do list tomorrow morning!
But that said I must admit I was very proud of my attempts. Mainly I guess as it was the first piece of furniture I have had the time to rescue this year (thanks in no small part to my studying schedule). I felt the familiar joy of bringing a nearly dead piece back to life. In this case it was less nearly dead, more really ugly. But in either case it is now a piece of furniture I will proud to sit at and drink my morning cup of tea or afternoon juice (no pepsi max anymore remember!)
This weekend is going to see me undertaking quite a few abandoned projects both indoor and out. I am like a child at Christmas today!
Ps, please bear with me on the photo front. I am trying, technology and me are acquainted but not friends. I will win it round though :)


  1. I LOVE the blue on this chair! Nice work and thanks for stopping by my blog :)


  2. Thank you! Going to put the finished work on here today. My camera skills leeave alot to be desired though :) x