Saturday, 26 February 2011

Welome to my ramble through the world of thrifty and green....literally a whole new world!

Hello readers and bloggers!

Welcome to my humble little blog :)

A quick intro.... My name is Kate, I am a twenty something Mum of one (currently ttc child number two-babydust needed!) with a wonderful partner (soon to be Husband)

I have always been interested in all things 'green', 'eco', 'thrifty', 'upcycled' etc but of late I have begun to get into it in a HUGE way!

The aim of this blog is to bring together tips and hints, pictures, stories, advice and inspiration for anyone who is interested in living a thrifty (and who in these current times isn't?!) lifestyle.

The benefits for myself and my lovely family are going to be:-
  • Teaching my little girl the value of money, helping her to develop the basic skills that so many of us don't have these days- to cook, to shop on a budget, to furnish her home on a budget, to use a sewing machine and perhaps more importantly to respect her world!
  • To save money!
  • To not be wasteful, I had begun to get depressed with the vast amount of 'stuff' cluttering up our lives and home!
  • To understand the difference between 'needing' something and 'wanting' something...and preferably being able to turn this into 'how can I create something similar on a budget/by upcycling'
  • The most obvious reduce our carbon footprint and food miles! In doing so we hope to...
  • Support local businesses, I really don't want to watch my local businesses die whilst the chainstore fat cats thrive!
  • Here is the big one....we also hope to start a related business at some point...but more about that as it unfolds!!

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