Sunday, 27 February 2011

Soup...the key to reusing all leftovers (please note their are exceptions-no half eaten sandwich soup is ever going to taste great!)

Oh I am well on my way to frugal loveliness, eco success and dare I say it? yes, I dare! Domestic Goddess status :)

Yesterday I made two huge pots of stew, one beef (endlessly popular in our home and my personal favourite meal in the world) and one chicken, the first time I have ever made chicken stew as I believe poultry to be too bland for stew. reasoning was, I will make a batch of shortcrust pastry and drain some of the stew fillinng, cover with gravy and make a pie. This can be frozen, total lack of effort as I was making the stew anyway :) Bonus! The pie, you will be glad to hear, went well. So well it never got to the freezer!!

Anyway, the stew was nice, tastier than I thought but we really didn't need two stews. I halved the beef stew, half for now, half for freezer (from experience freezing stews, curries, etc makes them taste nicer when defrosted-the flavours seem to 'mingle' better) So.... I popped all the stew filling and half the stock in the blender, whizzed for a minute and voila chicken soup :) It must be said, very nice soup too!

So this is my new lesson to myself today....soup it up!! When I make Sunday roast I often have its and bits of veg, potatoes and meat left over. I am going to keep the veg stock and left over gravy pop this in the blender with left over bits and Monday lunch is sorted!!

So come on people, put those odds and ends to good use and get some extra veg into you for lunch....healthier, thrifty and tasty.... homemade soup is my Sunday winner!!

Recipe- Chicken Stew

Chicken breasts
chicken stock
salt and pepper to taste
dash of white wine (that could just be me! good excuse to open a bottle...)

  1. Cut the chicken breasts into bite sized chunks (about the size of a 10p coin)

  2. Fry cubed chicken until cooked

  3. Put chopped veggies into a stew pot/large saucepan with stock

  4. Add chicken

  5. Add wine and salt and pepper

  6. Bring to boil

  7. Reduce to simmer until all veg is soft and stew has thickened

  • If stew is too thin use cornflour mixed with cold water to thicken-as per pack instructions

  • remember to taste stew for flavour, never be afraid to throw any extras you have in- herbs, spices, play with the flavours!

  • I have not added quantities, I tend to throw an equal amount of each veg in and an average one breast per person

  • Remember to make extra if removing some for a pie!!

To make the pie just make shortcrust pastry:-

100g of lard

100g of stork or bakers butter

400g of plain flour

  1. Throw all ingredients into food processor (a must have item imo!)

  2. Add a pinch of salt

  3. Blend until breadcrumb consistency

  4. Add a drop of water into funnel at top until mixture takes on a dough consistancy- add water slowly, you won't need much!

  5. Knead on floured surface and form into a ball

  6. Pop ball in fridge (in clingfilm or dish) for 15 mins to harden

Use the pastry to line a pie dish, scoop ingredients from chicken stew out with strainer type spoon (you won't want the stew stock) add generous amount of bisto gravy, put pastry shell on top and .... cook :)

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